Friday, November 14, 2008

Ten Reasons To Keep Advertising in a Tough Economy

Ten great reasons to keep advertising in a tough economy!

1. Dear Client: As your customers cut back on their advertising, your Advertising Voice is multiplied. When your clients do less, aggressive advertising works even better.

2. The closings of scores of national retailers makes it easier for a local retailer's voice to be heard. Here's a sample of national chains closing some of their stores: Zale's closing 105 stores, Sprint/Nextel-125, Disney-98, Gap-85, Linens-N-Things-120. There there are those who've shut down completely. Examples: CompUSA, Footlocker, KB Toys, Levitz, Hollywood Video, Pier 1, Wickes Furniture - all gone. Kaput.

3. Cutting Advertising is like amputating in order to get rid of an itch, or I'm going to quit selling because they'll probably say No anyhow. Successful companies consider their ad budget a fixed expense. When the number of incoming customers decreases - this isn't the right time to stop inviting them back.

4. Don't Cut Your Air Supply. Advertising helped get the business where it is - don't stop now. The reason you have customers is that someone heard your message. And you're going to abandon that?

5. When you stop advertising, your best customers become someone else's prospects. People go where they're invited. Your competitors are inviting your customers.

6. Your customers will have more confidence that you're THERE. We have confidence in the Post Office and the fire department. We perceive that they'll be there when we need them. Same with you. That's one of the reasons you have a steady return customers.

7. Consumers don't stop buying; they're just more choosey and looking for value. Good deals.

8. You know what consumers are looking for. Super-Sizing works now. Good Value works better than ever.

9. Add the new online tools we can offer, at a comparatively low cost, offer even more wallop for their dollar. Online products like Channels, coupons, streaming and texting are all NTR Heaven - that show accountable results and excellent ROI.

10. Think of what Advertising says to employees - Confidence. Ask for help from your employees to make the ad circle complete. Let them know about every offer. Let them HELP INVENT new offers. It's a time of opportunity.

(source: Jim Taszarek,

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