Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Non Traditional Ideas For Bank Marketing

Some interesting, non traditional, ways to market a bank.

TD Bank Is 'At Your Convenience' Through January

In its ongoing effort to continue rebranding after absorbing Commerce Bank, TD Bank looks to bring its "convenience" positioning to life through a series of guerrilla marketing events through January.

"What we tried to do is replicate the surprise and delight tactics that happen within each TD Bank store," says Greg Siano, executive vice president of media services at Tierney Communications, the agency that developed the campaign. Commerce Bank (the predecessor of TD Bank) was known for its customer amenities, such as being open seven days a week, extended lobby hours, free coin-counting machines and treats for kids and dogs.

As part of the promotion, the bank is running an "At Your Convenience" sweepstakes, with prizes such as a personal chef, housecleaner or chauffeur-driven limo to and from work for a week. The company is also conducting "Random Acts of Convenience" in its markets along the Eastern seaboard. Among the acts: handing out free cups of coffee in the morning and TD-branded umbrellas on rainy days. The bank has also partnered with several local dry cleaners and restaurants to offer free pizza delivery and dry cleaning to random customers. For the holiday season, the bank will offer free gift-wrapping, shopping advice and TD-branded shopping bags at local malls. "We tried to explore things that were convenient," Siano tells Marketing Daily, of the promotion. "We're doing anything that makes people's lives more convenient."

In addition, in partnership with Yahoo Shopping, the bank created an online gift-finder that helps people identify and find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. The site, which went live earlier this week, asks a series of questions about the recipient (such as age, gender and interests) before giving gift advice. The gift finder will be promoted primarily online, Siano says.

One does not have to be a TD Bank customer to receive the random acts of convenience. In fact, the bank is counting on reaching potential customers, Siano says.

TD Banknorth purchased Commerce Bank earlier this year. The merged company has been reintroducing itself as TD Bank through television ads featuring Commerce Bank spokespeople Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. The company is using the tagline "America's Most Convenient Bank." Other branding initiatives include blanketing train stations in Philadelphia and New York with advertising, as well as newspaper ads touting the in-bank conveniences. The company has more than 1,000 branches along the Eastern seaboard, with a footprint extending from Maine to Florida.

(source: Aaron Baar, November 28, 2008)

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