Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recruitment Ads Not Getting Results? Try Surprising Broca!


I came home and my dog was bald.  I then realized that in my rush to get to my new job - which I absolutely love -  I left the electric razor on.  It looks like Fido had as much fun at work today as I did.  Are you looking for an opportunity where you too can have that kind of excitement to get to work each morning?  Consider this…

Okay, the above example is a bit over the top.  The point is that when you post a position on your website, job board, social media, or anywhere else, the more interesting you make it, the more people will actually read it and be excited by it.  Think of these job postings as if they are TV or radio commercials for the position you are recruiting for.  The dull commercials are quickly forgotten (or you don’t know what they are trying to sell), the exciting commercials have you thinking about their message.

There is an area of the brain called Broca’s Area.  Broca’s Area is the area that filters what the brain will pay attention to, and what gets filtered out.  You must surprise Broca in some way if you want to be remembered.

When writing postings, think about what makes this job exciting or unique.  Will your heading and intro be unique enough to draw them in and make them want to read more?  It may be a simple as “30 seconds off the freeway with free parking!” (a big perk in a large market) or as grandiose as “Enjoy cook to order breakfasts & massages at work!”

 You get the idea.  The next time you have a job commercial to write, have some serious, but professional fun.  You will be surprised by the results.

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