Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple's New iPod Nano Featuring FM Receiver Showcases Radio's Importance

Radio is Premier Source for New Music

AcquisitionRadio's 235 million weekly listeners will now have another way to listen to Radio, with the launch of Apple's new iPod nano featuring an FM receiver, which will also offer live pause capability as well as iTunes tagging to the user experience.

According to Emmis Communications CEO Jeff Smulyan, "Apple clearly recognizes that Radio is the number one source for new music acquisition and has made it simpler and easier for today's listeners to access the audio entertainment they value so highly. The ability to bring a live listening experience together with digitally stored music will have a dramatic impact in listener involvement."

This announcement in tandem with the news that Microsoft's Zune will offer an HD Radio feature underscores the dominant listening position that local broadcast Radio holds in the U.S. Reaching 92 percent of Americans, it is clear that Radio fits seamlessly into the modern media lifestyle.

"Radio is an important part of the media mix for today's time-starved and mobile consumer and will remain adaptive as new technology continues to improve the medium," Smulyan stated. "In addition, the broader distribution of Radio on mobile devices will make for a safer and more informed public."

Radio's Emergency Alert System (EAS), now in existence for over 60 years on all broadcast Radio stations, plays an important role in alerting local audiences to storms, disasters and other public safety threats. "The adoption of FM on mp3 players and cell phones increases the likelihood that a mobile listener will be fully informed," Smulyan added.
( 9/10/09)

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